Crofton Moore is proud of the integration of sustainability programs into our operational activities.

We continually assess our properties to identify opportunities to reduce energy and water consumption, improve waste diversion and introduce new sustainable management practices, to help reduce our overall carbon footprint.

We recognize that the implementation of sustainability measures benefits our stakeholders. Our commitment to these programs is an important factor in our property management practices.

Some noteworthy programs that we have implemented at our properties include:

  • Crofton Moore BOMA BEST certification
  • Crofton Moore Water conservation programs, such as equipping washrooms with low-flow fixtures
  • Crofton Moore Energy conservation programs, including converting common area lighting to LED fixtures
  • Crofton Moore Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Crofton Moore Waste reduction and recycling programs
  • Crofton Moore Utilizing eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Crofton Moore Rooftop beehives through a partnership with Alvéole

Crofton Moore

Social Responsibilitysocial responsibility

Crofton Moore is committed to enriching the communities in which we operate.

We support a wide range of causes and charitable organizations that are helping people within our communities and across the country, including:

  • Crofton Moorethe RBC Urban BBQ benefiting the Cancer Research Society
  • Crofton Moorethe Lobster Lunch presented by Metro, benefiting the Fondation Tel-jeunes
  • Crofton Moorethe Dankooz Golf Tournament
  • Crofton MooreMovember
  • Crofton Moorethe Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Crofton Moorethe Jewish General Hospital Foundation
  • Crofton MooreHockey Helps the Homeless

In addition, we try to make the holidays a more enjoyable experience by participating in our annual gift giving to a local shelter for battered women and children.

Crofton Moore

Promotion of the Artspromotion of the arts

We are a proud supporter of the Canada Council for the Arts, which promotes the use of public arts and helps support Canadian artists and arts organizations.

We have also partnered with MU, a charitable organization whose mission is to beautify the city of Montreal through public art, with the installation of murals at our properties.

Crofton Moore